Cumberland Co, Maine DA, Stephanie Anderson – What are you waiting for??

Capt. Shawn Welch (right, w/ pepper spray) was investigated, fired, re-hired and suspended for this……but never charged with a crime.

What are you waiting for, Stephanie Anderson? Dos this not fall under your jurisdiction? Your website seems to suggest it does:
“…. handles all criminal matters for incidents investigated by the Portland Police Department,…, Maine Department of Corrections, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Boston & Maine Railroad Police,…”
Full article here about officials now trying to find out who the whistle blower was who leaked the picture.
Case is pretty clear cut: perpetrator was investigated and punished in-house, clear evidence exists of his crime, and the DA doesn’t see any need to put the bad guy(s) in front of a grand jury. My guess is this victim will sue, maybe try to press charges. Then, my guess is that, as these things usually go, the perpetrator’s employer will settle. And then the whole business will be over, the message being sent that if you’re an officer at this prison you can pepper spray a completely restrained inmate and the worst that will happen to you is a 30 day suspension.
Contact info and website for the DA who is currently overlooking this:
District Attorney Stephanie Anderson
Cumberland County Gov Facebook page

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