A Proposed Reform

This may not be the cure all for official abuse and look-the-other-way prosecutors, but it beats having one or a handful of individuals deciding who gets a free pass (much thanks to Pete of WRSA for the language below):
A proposed amendment to the state’s criminal procedure law regarding grand jury practice:
A) Whenever an employee or contractor of the state or any political subdivision thereof is
1) terminated for cause; or
2) found to be criminally or civilly responsible based on the results of an official investigation; or
3) whenever actions by that employee or contractor form the basis for any civil settlement or judgment,
the district attorney for the county in which the employee or contractor was employed or acted must bring all evidence from any investigation, civil suit, and any other competent source before the grand jury of that county to determine whether to indict the employee or contractor for criminal charges.
B) The provisions of subdivision A apply whether or not any of the parties in any related litigation have entered non-disclosure agreements.

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